Radical Health in CUba

Join us as we explore Radical Health and Education in Cuba in 2018


10 days in Cuba, diving deep into Health & Education through a community  perspective.


We're at it again, this time with a focus on the innovative health and education systems in Cuba. 

Cuba is world renowned for its advances in health care despite being a country with extremely limited resources. Cuba is leading in health outcomes, life expectancy and have made major advancements in drug developments for cancer treatment, diabetic foot ulcers, and advance head and neck tumors. 

Healthcare is NOT the only place where Cuba has made history.

Today, Cuba ranks as the country with the second highest literacy rate in the world. 

During the 1961 National Literacy Campaign, thousands of adult and youth literacy “brigadistas” traveled throughout small towns and the countryside as volunteer teachers.  This nationwide mobilization after the Cuban Revolution to end illiteracy helped more than 700,000 Cubans learn to read and write within the same year. Those continued efforts since 1961 has culminated in today’s approximately 99% literacy rate.  


The 2018 Radical Health and Education delegation to Cuba will be a time of community building and an unforgettable educational experience. We'll spend our days meeting with local community experts, breaking bread with neighbors, and exploring the many facets that make Cuba so unique. 

As we explore the country, the group will participate in daily check-in and group reflections in the form of restorative circle practice. 

We are delighted to embark on our second annual trip and would love to have you join us. 


Key Dates: 

  • Final Payment Due                                       February 28

  • Departure to Havana                                   March 30


Are you in? 


Here are some details:

This spring, Radical Health invites you to a Health & Education Delegation hosted by the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organizing (IFCO) in Cuba. Join leaders in health and education in exploring the following questions: “What is community-driven health care? What happens when education is driven by and for the community? What would a public health approach to education look like?”

Dates: March 30th - April 8th, 2018

What to expect: 

The delegation will stay at the Martin Luther King Center in Havana, and will visit multiple sites such as (Latin American School of Medicine), the Carlos J. Finley Medical Research Institute, and the Museo Nacional de la Alfabetización amongst many other sights. 



Flights will be leaving from Miami, FL to Havana, Cuba. 

Lodging, food, and all excursions are included in the final costs. 


The Cuba Delegation trip will require a non-refundable deposit + final payment and cover all fixed costs, including the flight from Miami, accommodations, all meals, your Cuban visa, and all the activities.


This trip is non-refundable once your full payment is processed. 

 The 2017 Inagural Radical Health & Justice Delegation

The 2017 Inagural Radical Health & Justice Delegation