Our Beginning

Radical Health took root at founder Ivelyse Andino’s dining room table. 

It started as a crazy idea. What if people - doctors, nurses, neighbors, family caretakers got together without an agenda or any pretense and began talking about a way to Radicalize Health? We know that the task ahead of us is not an easy one, but we believe in the power of community - collaborating to create change.


Created with the people for the people.

Radical Health is a minority - women owned, social impact organization. 

Our mission is to address health disparities by direct investment of funds into the communities through partnerships with grassroots and community based organizations. Any systematic approach to any problem, especially when not embracing the cultural and indigenous practices will never be a full remedy or solution. We live and have strong personal ties to the areas we serve. We seek to transform traditional top-down health care models into integrative models that are fully inclusive of the community it is designed to serve.

We Believe

  • We are ALL People, not just Patients

  • Everyone deserves acess to quality care and health innovation

  • Much of the care for our health takes place outside of the hospital or clinic walls and offices

  • Every community member has unique insights, experiences and skills to make a difference in improving our health