A day at Sing Sing and Bedford Hills State Prison


Last week, Radical Health spent the day visiting mothers and fathers at Sing Sing and Bedford Hills State Prisons; all of whom are fighting everyday to be engaged and involved in their children's education. 

As a parent and human being, I am floored by what we as a country put our brothers and sisters through. At Sing Sing, I got to meet with 5 fathers who serve as mentors for other men in being better partners and more engaged dads while incarcerated. Just 30 minutes away I heard phenomenal stories of mothers who have either given birth in jail and/or who are currently parenting children from behind bars. To say that this day was emotional is a complete understatement. The good news and the purpose of the visit which was organized through the DOE, Osborne, and Hour Children, are working to find ways to get parents who are incarcerated ways of connecting with their children's school to help the child's education, but also grow and strengthen their personal relationship.

If you know of a child with a parent who is incarcerated - there are ways to get them a copy of report cards and the ability to set up regular calls with their teacher or guidance counselor. I heard a story today of a mom who was being sent reading list and test exams so she could learn alongside her daughter. There is so much that can be done to help undo the catastrophic effects of mass incarceration. Let's work together to heal our communities. #thisisradicalhealth


 #massincarceration is a #publichealth issue and we have to take a stand. Huge thank you to @osborneassociation and @hour_children for the phenomenal work you do.

Here's  more info on the Bedford Hills program.

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