Co-Creating Community Led Health & Technology. 


We're transforming health from the ground up. 


Health Tech for Providers and The People

Radical Health mobilizes providers and people to find, refer and rate hyper-local social service resources to impact Social Determinants of Health.

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Community Needs and Solutions

Working in partnership with local community based organizatiosn we facilitate local Community Needs Assesments and work with the same community to develop leaders and solutions to the top needs.

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Community Engagement for Professionals

Working with service professionals such as doctor, nurses, teachers, clergy, Radical Health facilitates training and circlec practive with community members to holistically work together to address health care and disparites. 

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Cuba: A New Model for Health 

Join us as we take an annual trip to Cuba where we study a community approach to health and other social issues that intersect and impact health. Our next delegation will be in 2018 focused on Health and Education.

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Our neighbors.
Our leaders.

It is through the people that we can begin to see a shift in our social, emotional, and environmental needs.